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VanMilli releases his latest music video Eazy-E, which is a tribute to American rapper Eazy-E

  VanMilli releases his latest music video Eazy-E , which is a tribute to American rapper Eazy-E VanMilli is an artist, songwriter, producer, creative director, and music executive. He is popularly known for his distinct style, sound, and production. VanMilli is known for fusing different genres of music. The talented artist releases Eazy-E Music Video, which is a tribute song to American rapper Eazy-E. Connect with VanMilli:  Website: YouTube Channel: Spotify:

Anthony Levone - Peacekeepers ft. Fooly23

  Florida based "Anthony Levone" releases "Peacekeepers " ft. Fooly23 Raucous and energetic are two words to best sum up Anthony's new release. The melodies are engaging and will bury their way into your head for days to come.The lead vocals may feel eclectic in parts but they’re certainly diverse and instantly recognisable as Anthony Levone, it's unlike anything you will have heard before, unique and engaging! This aweinspiring track manages to find balance from the grooving bass verse to the delicate piano medlody with dark undertones of the misunderstandings and difficulties in life. The next time we revisit this chorus, however, it’s an explosion of classic rap, hiphop and trap with a modern twist. The narrative and message behind the song is really motivational and meaningful, especially in these current times. The vocal performance is smooth, and silky. It's a great middle ground for anyone who is an established rap fan, but also for people who are

Wazteland Warriorz - Fortune Teller

  " Wazteland Warriorz " release a brand new track titled - "Fortune Teller" Official Website! The track begins with an ambient, narrative, atmosphere, including a little insight into the history and plot of the track. It really sets the scene for the rest of the track.  As the song progresses the eerie concoction of hypnotic composition and addictive melodies fuse together to create a haunting, dystopian, surreal feel. The production of the track has an integral part to play in its sound, making the flow of the smooth on another level. Most music of this style nowadays does have a respectable level of production but to get a track that highlights its sound in an aesthetically pleasing style in addition to its incredible composition is a real treat. "Wazteland Warriorz" do this perfectly. The instrumentation is fronted by a strong, melodic groove and rhythmic vocals, where model adlibs resonating from harmonic ba

Upcoming artist Landon Bissett ("lvndxnisdevd") releases Rumours ft. Baby Goth

  SoundCloud famous rapper, Landon Bissett ( "lvndxnisdevd" ) releases a brand new track titled "Rumours" ft. Baby Goth. From the get go, you are immediately transported to a calming night bar, with the introduction of complex, textured electric guitar licks. Even though the track is a short, but sweet 2 minutes long, it never gives a moment of downtime and keeps you intrigued constantly, not only because of the constantly evolving instrumentation, but also due to the engaging, rhythmic, structured lyrics. It's clear that lvndxnisdevd is a lyrical genius! The deep, complex percussion beats through your chest, amongst the wide variety of instrumentation before a whole mood change when each artist is introduced in different sections, transitioned in with funky, pop feel clean effects. It's a real listening experience. As the track progresses, many different styles are introduced, and the clean tones make way into a dreamy ambience of tranquillity, that cinem

Otis Julius releases new EP

  "Otis - An extended play by Otis Julius" Idaho based Hiphop/Punk Rock artist, "Otis Julius" has toured all over the world, from North America to South-East Asia, and released 4 EP's, under his previous stage name, Big O. Otis has released an upbeat, 6 track collection, named after himself! It's humorous, engaging and truly headbopping! Otis is a lyrical genius, all of the seamless, clever wordplay is rhythmic, catchy, and even comedic. In each track the funky music is delivered with passion and creativity. The incredible, wide variety of musical styles and effects ensure listening to this EP is a truly unique listening experience. It hints into pop, punk, rap, and hiphop, it's constantly twisting and changing, and no 2 tracks are repetitive or boring in any way! It's simply constant, fun and energy! Otis Julius is a stand up comedian, in musician form! Each track  is filled with so many sounds that are distinguishable a

Dylan Tauber - He Loves Carmen

  Dylan Tauber is an award winning electronic musician, cyberartist, photographer, and author, who after graduating from Columbia University in 1996, has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence. He's released a brand new 14 track album titled "He Loves Carmen"  This action packed album creates a soundscape filled with strong influences of electronic music and alt dance instrumentation, the final product is a bewitching single bathed in individuality and uniqueness.   The vocals in the 2nd track, "I Love Carmen " have a soft, smooth, trance vibe to them, which allow the listener to experience both sides of the track. The funky, original music, as well as the tranquil but still prominent vocals. Another way to put this would be to explain that the vocals are 'not too overpowering' whilst remaining a base feature of t

Profound Artist - End Times II

  Canada based  "Profound Artist" has released a brand new track, titled "End Times II" today, April 22. This track fuses together many genres in the subtle, simplistic instrumentation, including hip-hop, rap and spoken word poetry, in an eerie concoction of hypnotic composition and addictive beats. Following the relaxed trap beat, "Profound Artist's" buttery smooth vocals paint a narrative, explaining the revelation 13, so endearingly you're hooked from the get-go. The production of the track has an integral part to play in its sound, making the flow of the music feel smooth on a whole other level. Most music nowadays does have a respectable level of production but to get track like this, that highlights the vocals and instrumentation in an aesthetically pleasing manner in addition to its incredible composition is a real treat for the listener. The lyrics truly flow off the tongue. The track switches up half way through, bringing a mesmerising na

Anthony Williams - Long Way

  London based artist "Anthony Williams" has released a brand new single, titled "Long Way" (Released on the 15th April and is already in the  Top 100 - iTunes US Christian Songs Chart!)  The 3 and half minute track is introduced with an ambient, action packed atmosphere, including calming synths alongside the rhythmic rap vocals. It really sets the scene for the rest of the track, engaging and intriguing from the very first moments. It's a song completely filled with a wild mashup of rap vocals and funky instrumentation, it feels in some very out there territory. It's an upbeat wild ride, and it immediately pulls in the listener with it's unique backing beat and soundscape.. but especially the powerful vocals, and meaningful narrative. Although the backing instrumentation is definitely very upbeat, and danceable, it isn't too over the top, it's a perfect balance between the vocals and backing. Nothing is too overpowering, everything is carefull

Frank Tennille - Body of Work

  Frank Tennille is an up incoming instrumental metal musician and Songwriter from Corbin Kentucky. Frank had this to say about his new song Body Of Work “ I wrote in 2011 and at the time it was just a file on Guitar Pro 5. Nowadays it means much more to me, it was a song I was proud to make and never got to record when I had wrote it, my computer had given up and my living situation made free time a rarity so I had bigger things to focus on. I am proud to have produced it myself today... recorded, mixed and mastered by myself with only my motivation to keep my focused and as a show of hard work, along with teaching myself VFX and driving towards the things I want to do with my life, I named it "Body of Work" because it is a milestone of my diligence and inspires me to want to make even more!” After listening to this song. I was moved by the riveting percussion and phenomenal Riffage that came with it.  If you’re into instrumental metal music Frank Tennille is a diamond in t

Abraham - Fight for the Family (We Gotta Fight)

Image I was born Anthony Abraham Williams to Abraham and Lucille Williams. Although I am the third son of Abraham Williams, I am his namesake as well as my grandfather’s. We are a legacy of Abrahams. I have never used my name Abraham prior to this current journey that I am experiencing. I have been in the music business for many years. My motto has been to never curse or use vulgarity in my lyrics. I went by several names: Master Tone, Rhythm Rappin’ Tone and Tony Roughhandz. But as Hip Hop has become more destructive to its listeners and rappers, I found myself drifting away from the music to the point of possibly quitting music all together. But the yearning to do music has never decreased and the passion has always existed. One night while asleep, I awakened about 3am, grabbed my phone and began typing words into my phone note app. Shortly thereafter, I fell back asleep and when I woke up later that morning my eyes popped open with surprise. For the fi

Darrell Kelley - Insane In The Ukraine

Image Darrell Kelley sounds the battle cry against Vladimir Putin and Russia’s decision to invade the Ukraine region. “Insane In The Ukraine” harks back upon the iconic Cypress Hill title of their hit, “Insane In The Membrane”. Calling out the country, and the man who leads it, for the horrendous war crimes currently being committed on a daily basis inside the former Soviet Union satellite country, he pulls no punches. And this activist artist is not alone. Through several passages in the piece, the American president, Joseph Biden, whose voice is heard intoning the repeated phrase of “Who in the Lord’s name?” which was sampled from one of the USA elected leader’s more recent speeches concerning the Russian invasion.