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Candice Eason - He's Been Good

  Candice Eason - He's Been Good Candice Eason released her new music single titled "He's Been Good," on May 10, 2022, and its available on all digital platforms. "He's Been Good" is a fun, upbeat, and energetic song, with a message that reminds all listeners that whatever the situation, God is in control and will always be good. God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Candice Eason, a native of Long Island, New York, who has a deep passion for doing God’s work. She uses her soulstress voice as a language to express herself, while spreading the message of hope, love & joy to the masses. Candice worked with Alchemusè Music Group to produce her single "He's Been Good", along with her upcoming EP titled "Eternity," which is set to be released in October 2022. "When I heard the musical track, I immediately began to think about all the situations and problems I've faced, and the words to this song just came t

Bo Green & The New Jakes - When My Baby Comes Around

   Bo Green & The New Jakes - When My Baby Comes Around This action packed, 3 minute track opens with the soft cresendo of fast paced acoustic fingerpicking and an introduction to Blake's gentle, yet powerful vocals, before eventually as the track progresses, upbeat, jumpy percussion enters the soundscape alongside country-rock inspired electric guitar. The listener is sure to be immediately drawn in and intrigued thanks to the light hearted, funky nature created by the creative soundscape. At every moment, the song bursts with originality, it's like a mix of country-rock/pop with a unique, modern twist, unlike anything you've heard before. It'll be stuck in your head all day, that's for sure! It's a lively foot stomper, that brings you on a listening experience, and immerses you. It truly engages the listener, it doesn't just play along in the background. The lyrics really place you firmly in the seat of a 1970's convertible heading towards the sout

Hinkfuss - Castles in the Sky

  Hinkfuss releases double single "Castles in the Sky" The thumping drums, the riffs and the plunge into the verses of the first track make every beat seemingly more meaningful than the last for this track that expands and becomes more adventurous as it goes on. It’s snappy, original, and instantly memorable, even in a market flooding with post-pandemic pop.  Some of the sounds have clear roots in classic rock, particularly the ever present sparkling riff which is unrelenting throughout. The real genius in the sound, though, is how they have taken this and wrapped it in a distinctly 60's/70's sound, and with it created a mini masterpiece. Building to a crescendo, dropping out, and building again multiple times; it has a real sense of well thought structure, whilst simultaneously maintaining the rawness that gives it such charm.  The second track is titled "Feels like Yesterday"  The feel of this song feels particularly complex, and at times leaves you wonder