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Bunny Daniels’ Empowering New Groove

We first heard from Bunny Daniels in October of last year, upon the release of her single “Freak“. That track introduced The Static Dive readers to a multi-talented and dynamic singer, songwriter, actress and writer. Since her 2021 debut, the Los Angeles native has released five singles. With each new track the eclectic singer shines a new light on the impressive scope of her talents. Bunny Daniels’ sound blends elements of r&b, pop, gospel and dance into a distinct and soulful vibe. A musically sophisticated singer and a gifted vocalist, she gives familiar styles a new twist with her unique melodic ear and versatile vocals. Now the singer has dropped her first new music of the new year. “Mrs.Perfect” is the brand new single from Bunny Daniels, released worldwide via all major streaming services on January 27, 2023. The track opens on the slow funk of a reggaetón-infused trap beat. The singer steps to the mic to delivers a soulful and self-empowering relationship post-mortem. The

Pios Phantom - The Celtic Rock

  Germany based artist, Pios Phantom has released an incredible new track, titled ' The Celtic Rock'  Artist's website here The Celtic Rock immediately draws you in with fast paced guitar that feels like it hints towards connotations of a mix of early brit-pop mixed with more recent indie-rock. (More on this with the aweinspiring solo's below) Musically, the track is based around a minimalistic arrangement with catchy guitar chords and drum beats, yet Pios Phantom is using complex lyricism to showcase his unique song writing ability. Electric guitar solos reminiscent of early indie rock dominate as each verse reaches its end, before fading back into the rhythmic drumbeats and allowing the vocals and storytelling lyrics back into the soundscape. I've only listened to it a few times by the time of writing, and I already remember all of the lyrics, in fact, I'm singing along! This is what makes the song great. It's memorable, fun, and the lyricism is rhyming a

Danil - These Thoughts

  ' Danil ', an artist based in Germany has released his first single titled ' These Thoughts '  Artist's official website: By embracing a nostalgia for the 1980s, Danil captures the era’s atmosphere and this is characterised by the use of striking synth riffs, punchy gated-reverb drumbeats and particularly dreamy vocals. It’s true, ‘These Thoughts’ could be pulled straight from the soundtrack of a John Hughes-esque flick. Tender lyricism calls for sentimental vocals and the artist provides this with a soft, deep crooning delivery verging on ‘whisperpop’ in places. From the almost tentative verses to the increasingly catchy chorus – Danil’s emotion shivers throughout. From the very moment the track opens, with a unique, ethereal nature, the listener is immediately engaged, and immersed in this engaging musical experience, thanks to the complex instrumentation that radiates throughout the soundscape. The first class