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Kofi the Kyd - "EUPHORIA, BEYOND"

  Michael kofi Kportufe , better known by his stage name KOFI THE KYD, is an underground rapper and singer hailing from the south side of Chicago. His iconic versatility converts himself outside of the normal rap style displayed by a lot of rap artists on streaming platforms like TikTok and SoundCloud.  Today we'll be reviewing Kofi The Kyd 's 15 track album "EUPHORIA, BEYOND" - Which has a perfect run time of 50 min 48 seconds. This unique, diverse album seems to take inspiration from an incredibly wide variety of genres and musical styles... from Trap, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Dance, Rnb, and LoFi. It begins with the track "Prelude" which takes you on a true, experimental musical journey, the opening has a calming tranquil vibe, and as the track progresses, it becomes even more powerful and headbopping.  The 2nd track has a slower vibe to it , and seems to take inspiration from original hiphop, with rhyme after rhyme lyricism and the complex, elemental instru

Third Development Present New Album 'The Thought of Tomorrow'

Third Development Present New Album 'The Thought of Tomorrow' Third Development has been described as “lush, elegant, (and) ethereal,” and all three of these words most definitely fit the music found on the act’s debut album, The Though of Tomorrow. The release’s second song in, “Between the Lines,” is beautifully orchestrated. However, this orchestration is both Eastern and Western, as what sounds like Indian percussion, mixes unobtrusively with more classical elements. This project’s title track kicks off the nine-song collection. While it, like much of the album, is decidedly mellow and melodic, it also includes layered, sweetly sung vocals. Canadian Geffrey James is the mastermind behind this elaborate project, but he works with vocalists and musicians from all around the world. Lyrically, The Thought of Tomorrow is as illusive as it is introspective. This is exemplified by one called “Hidden Within,” which is sung by a female vocalist over a lightly percussive backing trac

Olya - Hollywood

  International artist Olya K has achieved a good amount of attention with her song "Hollywood" The Bulgarian born American artist has released this aweinspiring track after success in the Nashville music scene. Having already reached 123,000+ streams on Spotify alone, It's clear that Olya is destined to go far in her aweinspiring musical career. It's an upbeat, summer vibes, pop inspired track.. It constantly grasps you within it's catchy groove and memorable lyrics. "Everybody's favourite location, Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood" The artist's vocal performance is incredibly smooth, and seamless. This is barebones synth pop, achieved breezily, and executed wonderfully!  You're immediately intrigued and engaged by the radiating electronic instrumentation that opens the awe-inspiring action packed soundscape. The production quality is clearly first-class, elements bounce from left to right, and nothing is ever too overwhelming.

Big Dawg079 presents... BRAVE NEW WORLD

Big Dawg079 presents...     BRAVE NEW WORLD          Available Everywhere Jan 27th  Big Dawg 079 announces the January 27th release date for his highly anticipated EDM album, Brave New World, via Moulton Media Holdings LLC/ Distrokid. The first single, Leave Me, will impact radio stations world-wide in January. Brave New World is Big Dawg079's first electronic music release,more commonly known for hip-hop, he's coming out swinging. Although only five song's deep, he's created a cohesive piece of work and each song is accompanied by music videos. Check out one of the artist's previous songs below

Frank Zeno - Hey Hey

  Singer-songwriter  Frank Zeno releases "Hey Hey" This new project consists of aforementioned singer-songwriter and session musician, Frank Zeno , Sonny Emory (Drummer for Eric Clapton, and Earth, Wind & Fire) and also Bill Gower from California Rock band "Boy Hits Car" This incredible track delves into a very wide range of musical styles and genres, from old school funk, to blues and reggae. The instrumentation never gives any unneeded moments of downtime, and keeps the aweinspiring upbeat, engaging flow, that forces you to sway along to it's infectious sound, also ensuring that the listener never loses interest. The complex guitar, ridden with unique cry-baby wah pedal sounds, really sets this unique track apart from the typical modern blues inspired track. It'll immediately grab your attention and truly intrigue you, no matter what you're doing in the moment, you'll stop it and start headbopping along to this catchy track. The vocal perfor

David Cummins - Winds of Change

  Alternative Rock singer/songwriter "David Cummins" releases "Winds of Change" - that consists of 3 awe-inspiring tracks. Artist's official website - From the moment the first track, titled "Winds of Change"  opens with a soft, melancholic soundscape consisting of unique instrumentation, you know you're in for one of a kind ride. The track slowly cresends and evolves as new elements are slowly introduced, such as powerful electric guitar and complex percussion, before eventually the awe-inspiring narrative, smooth vocals that softly float amongst the cinematic, alienlike musical background. Towards the 2nd half of this 4 minute track, angelic, dreamy elements and a powerful electric solo ensure the listener is constantly intrigued and engaged. The 2nd track is titled, "Eastern Wind" and takes inspiration from a very wide variety of genres, from traditional and world music, on top of David Cummins' o


SR.GENT is set to release a brand new track "Winner" on the 24th February 2022! From the moment this upbeat track enters you with an earwig, you immediately know that you're in for a chill, laid-back, catchy track. The track may be relatively short compared to your typical pop track at only 2 minutes long, however this is compensated for with the action packed, unique soundscape and seamless vocal performance the song carries.  The production of the track is truly first class, that's for sure. The majority of tracks coming out now have a respectable level of production, but this track (production by fliptunesmusic) is genuinely blowing out of the water here, elements are bouncing from left to right, radiating throughout and constantly twisting and evolving in ways the listener definitely didn't expect. The song forces you to sway along to it's infectious sound, and there's no unneeded moments of downtime, ensuring the listener is constantly engaged and int

Mermaid Avenue releases "Prisoner"

  "I’m a prisoner of my own making..." 'Prisoner', the sixth single from Australian band Mermaid Avenue's latest album ' Sugartown' sees their feet firmly planted back in the indie/alt country rock mode that they are becoming known for. Multipart harmonies, soaring lap steel and tasty guitar solos make 'Prisoner' a song that immediately engages the listener in a story of devotion and abandon. Of the six songs released from the album thus far, 'Prisoner' is the perhaps most ambitious to date. The band's harmonies are almost choral, and the dual guitars of Kearey and Wong combine effortlessly to create a rich sonic tapestry. Lead singer Clarke delivers a vocal that supports the lyric perfectly, the story of a heart held hostage. Despite a couple of years delay between albums, Mermaid Avenue continue to deliver on their promise with their new material. The revamped lineup adds sonic muscle and the tr

No Serial Killer have released an unforgettable new track: Women R Superb

  No Serial Killer is ready to kick off the new year with an exciting new single titled Women R Superb. This song is a perfect representation of the wide range of influences that inform the band’s style and diverse creative sensibilities. This release feels like a much-needed refreshing take on the genre, exploring new ideas and setting the bar higher by really redefining the boundaries of what great music can be all about in this particular categories. The song was inspired by the murder of Gabby Petito , who was most likely tragically killed by her fiancé. The main drive of this release lies in the fact that the band is arguably very passionate about bringing their vision to life, and Women R Superb feels like a really insightful and down-to-earth introduction to their approach to sound and creativity. Find out more about No Serial Killer and do not miss out on Women R Superb , which is currently available here:

Avalanche The Architect - Juice in the Car

  Emerging rapper "Avalanche The Architect " releases a new track titled  "Juice in the Car" as part of his 2021 album "Avalanche The Architect the Diamond Album". The artist has over 29,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone at the moment, which is incredibly impressive and definitely deserved taking into account the amazing quality of his music. The track in question begins with an evolving, ever changing introduction to the soundscape, with a cresending range of instrumentation ensuring the listener never loses interest in the track. The backing beat could arguably be seen as relatively simplistic, however, it acts as a perfect base for the smooth, off-the-tongue, powerful vocal performance. The lyricism is the works of true genius wordplay, each bar contains multiple viable rhymes and completely immerses you in the music, forcing the listener to sway along to it's infectious sound. It's performed with genuine passion and drive, as shown by the

Live and Learn – new album by Meg Williams now available

 Nashville-based guitarist, singer-songwriter, Meg Williams , just released her brand new album ‘Live and Learn’ at the end of 2021. Recorded in Nashville, TN with musician/producers Terry Goose Downing and Tom DelRossi, ‘Live and Learn’ consists of 9 songs, written by Meg Williams throughout 2020 - with ‘Right Man , Wrong Time’ co-written with Scott Barrier, and ‘Real You’ co-written with country artist Dakota Danielle. ‘Live and Learn’ explores Meg’s singer-songwriter side and shows her influences in classic rock and Americana/singer-songwriter music. Like many musicians, Meg had the opportunity to spend time writing new music, reflecting, and creating throughout the 2020 pandemic – ‘Live and Learn’ focuses on finding your path and taking chances in life and in love. The album is now available on digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and more. Visit Meg’s website for more info: More about Meg: Nashville-based guitarist, songwrit

Kyle Burnett - Harper Lee

  Kyle Burnett releases "Harper Lee" - a song about the famous US author, Harper Lee. The track immediately opens with a very unique, atmospheric nature, consisting of harmonica, and ukelele and many other styles of instrumentation. All of these conjured together create a very tranquil, one-of-a-kind folk inspired track. It feels somewhat refreshing to hear music of this style nowadays being released, it's definitely a genre that is seen as old fashioned, but as Kyle Burnett and all the other featured artists showcase with "Harper Lee", it can still be given modern twists to feel new in todays ever changing world.  It's most definitely a very timeless style of music, that anyone, even rap fans can enjoy listening to when looking for a song to rewind to, and relax. The top-class production and attention to detail in the action packed soundscape is all worth while. It feels lively and 'real' in a sense, thanks to the wonderful, truly stunning and ange

Mark Westberg is back with an incredible new single: Galaxy Disco

  Some artists are always looking for way to expand their creativity, avoiding to get stuck in the usual cliches and creating wonderful soundscapes that feel more personal and direct in terms of exploring new sounds. This is most definitely the case of Mark Westberg, a talented artist who recently dropped a new single: Galaxy Disco. This new song is deceptively simple in its execution, but the more you dig deeper, the more you will realize that there are many excellent dynamic layers making the sound all the more exciting and personal. This is why this song feels like a perfect calling card for the artist! Ultimately, Mark Westberg’s music should really be in the ballpark for any fan of artists such as The Replacements, Against Me!, and Frank Turner, among others. What makes Galaxy Disco special is that the song is consistency energetic when it comes to its rhythm, yet there is a lot of melodic dexterity making the song stand out from the herd. Find out more about Mark Westberg, and li


  TINEY GAMORA X releases "Ba Sambwe" A message from the artist: Hello, I am Tiney Gamora X, a Congolese artist born and raised in the city  of Kinshasa. I am the oldest of 3 in my family. I started my music career professionally in 2015, I release my first public single "Motema" in 2018 and in 2019 I released a Congolese Rumba style song called "Pacha" and a Remix of Pacha In early 2021. My career has been some what of a field test up until recently. I am currently under new management and I am super excited and hopeful for the new chapter in my music career.  New Me: I am currently under new contract and management, so far things are looking bright for my future in the music industry. I have some musc out for you all my fans around the globe, available on all streaming platforms. Please take time to listen and ride this new music wave with me. I have so many great music to share with you all soon. Stay tuned and  come with me on this journey. I promise

ALI KULTURE bodies verse on new international single featuring JUICY J "ALL WINNERS" [Prod. By Byg Byrd]

  "All Winners" From the moment this action packed track enters, you know you're in for a powerful, upbeat musical ride, the track is a collaboration between a wide variety of artists, featuring "JUICY J",  and produced by Byg Bird. Under "Brown Boys Records" and Target Squad The cinematic backbeat is quite complex, and intriguing, and they never fail give way to some incredible, tranquil piano sections, layered over the top with spoken vocal breaks to cleverly chop up the rap sections. It seems to take inspiration from many genres, including nostalgic hiphop, modern drill and rap. The rhythm of the song, is not overly complex, but it has a groove so strong it cements itself in your bones forcing you to sway alongside its infectious sound. The production of the track has a definite integral part to play in its sound, making the flow of the music feel smooth on a whole other level. Most music nowadays does have a respectable level of production but to g

Darrell Kelley - It's Christmas

Image Darrell Kelley's label, Viral Records, announced the release of his latest single, "It's Christmas". The holiday single is quite a contrast to his more recent records which have mainly dealt with the huge discrepancy in society's unfair meting out of justice and guarantees of basic rights that many of the less fortunate and minority races within our population sadly must contend with on a daily basis. Instead, this time around the socially conscious entertainer chose to concentrate his attention and energy on spreading goodwill and Christmas cheer with this holiday release. After all the suffering and death due to the Covid virus pandemic that spread throughout the world in 2020-2021 they felt that during this holiday season the best medicine for music fans would be a healthy dose of an uplifting Christmas song. Their hope that his soon-to-be holiday classic may be just what the doctor ordered is their way of giving back to

“Vocal Works” by Brian Field offers an exciting musical ride

Image Produced as a compilation of multiple vocal works by Brian Field , this disk places the human voice at the center stage and presents it in multiple distinct instrumentations and musical styles. Across the six pieces which make up the album, we can hear a capella choral pieces, orchestral accompaniment songs, broadway-style tunes, and intimate chamber songs with piano accompaniment. The vast stylistic variety of works across the album makes it to be an exciting listening ride. The opening track By and By is a novel modern setting of a Charles Albert Tindley hymn for a capella choir in a contemporary gospel-influenced style. The Budapest Chorus performance of the work demonstrates great sensitivity and an understanding of American choral music idioms especially regarding their light vocal emission throughout, producing a tight and uniform ensemble sound. Conductor Martón Tóth demonstrates great craft and is able to achieve a great dynamic range without fall