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Alpha Cat - Venus Smile... Retrograde

Alpha Cat is an alternative rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Elizabeth McCullough . The band has just released an EP called "Venus Smile... Retrograde" through the record label Aquamarine. The record features a talented lineup of musicians, including McCullough on acoustic guitar, Doug Pettibone on guitar (who has worked with Lucinda Williams and John Mayer), Reggie McBride on bass (who has worked with a wide range of artists, including Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, and Elton John), Jason Harrison Smith on drums, Manuel Quintana on percussion, Jane Scarpantoni on cello (who has worked with REM and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and Murphy Bug on backing vocals and additional guitar and bass. The EP "Venus Smile... Retrograde" is the band's latest release and showcases the band's blend of alternative rock and introspective lyrics. The band's sound is built on the foundation of McCullough's acoustic guitar and emotive vocals, accompanied by the

New Rules Duo - Sweet Dreams Seven Nation Army Mashup

  New Rules Duo - Sweet Dreams Seven Nation Army Mashup This atmospheric mashup of 2 incredible songs, Seven Nation Army, by the White Stripes, and Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics will truly blow you away. Some of the sounds have clear roots in classic rock, particularly the ever present improvised sparkling riff which is unrelenting throughout. The real genius in the sound, though, is how they have taken this and wrapped it in a distinctly 60's/70's sound, and with it created a mini masterpiece. Building to a crescendo, dropping out, and building again multiple times with the help of awe-inspiring electric drags; it has a real sense of well thought structure, whilst simultaneously maintaining the rawness that gives it such charm.  The angelic female backing vocals add a slight calmness to the sound, whilst track transports you to another world, it brings you on an experience, and takes you on an adventure through this talented duo's musical mind, it would truly fit perfectly i