Upcoming artist Landon Bissett ("lvndxnisdevd") releases Rumours ft. Baby Goth


SoundCloud famous rapper, Landon Bissett ("lvndxnisdevd") releases a brand new track titled "Rumours" ft. Baby Goth.

From the get go, you are immediately transported to a calming night bar, with the introduction of complex, textured electric guitar licks. Even though the track is a short, but sweet 2 minutes long, it never gives a moment of downtime and keeps you intrigued constantly, not only because of the constantly evolving instrumentation, but also due to the engaging, rhythmic, structured lyrics. It's clear that lvndxnisdevd is a lyrical genius!

The deep, complex percussion beats through your chest, amongst the wide variety of instrumentation before a whole mood change when each artist is introduced in different sections, transitioned in with funky, pop feel clean effects. It's a real listening experience.

As the track progresses, many different styles are introduced, and the clean tones make way into a dreamy ambience of tranquillity, that cinematically unfolds with harmonic music in an eerie key.
  Oozing with a dreamy softness and slight tenseness, the listener is forced to sway along to it's infectious sound.

Be sure to check out "Rumours" out for yourself below!

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