Otis Julius releases new EP


"Otis - An extended play by Otis Julius"

Idaho based Hiphop/Punk Rock artist, "Otis Julius" has toured all over the world, from North America to South-East Asia, and released 4 EP's, under his previous stage name, Big O.

Otis has released an upbeat, 6 track collection, named after himself! It's humorous, engaging and truly headbopping! Otis is a lyrical genius, all of the seamless, clever wordplay is rhythmic, catchy, and even comedic. In each track the funky music is delivered with passion and creativity.

The incredible, wide variety of musical styles and effects ensure listening to this EP is a truly unique listening experience. It hints into pop, punk, rap, and hiphop, it's constantly twisting and changing, and no 2 tracks are repetitive or boring in any way! It's simply constant, fun and energy!

Otis Julius is a stand up comedian, in musician form! Each track is filled with so many sounds that are distinguishable at each second, yet they also succeed in delivering the syncopated messages by not being too overwhelming and drowning out the lyrics. 

One track that really caught my attention is 'mulletgang' 

Using retro sound effects, and complex, electronic melodies, the instrumentation will be sure to entice the listener in this short but sweet track. The narrative is focusing on the crazy life of Otis, you can imagine Otis as a character in a story, it's just so immersive! It's full of imagery. It has a unique, floaty atmosphere. 

My favourite track has to be "Hi My Name Is Kevin", it's simply going through the hilarious story of Home Alone, where Kevin McCallister is left alone in his gigantic home in New York. 

The finale track, "Look Mom, I'mma Rapper" may be 7 minutes long, yet it never fails to engage the listener, it's a production masterpiece! Elements drift from left to right, and force you to sway along to it's infectious sound. He promotes himself in the track, explaining how he's a rapper and his funky life. 
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Listen to the EP below, and be sure to let Otis know what you think at owlersmanagement@gmail.com!

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