SR.GENT is set to release a brand new track "Winner" on the 24th February 2022!

From the moment this upbeat track enters you with an earwig, you immediately know that you're in for a chill, laid-back, catchy track. The track may be relatively short compared to your typical pop track at only 2 minutes long, however this is compensated for with the action packed, unique soundscape and seamless vocal performance the song carries. 

The production of the track is truly first class, that's for sure. The majority of tracks coming out now have a respectable level of production, but this track (production by fliptunesmusic) is genuinely blowing out of the water here, elements are bouncing from left to right, radiating throughout and constantly twisting and evolving in ways the listener definitely didn't expect.

The song forces you to sway along to it's infectious sound, and there's no unneeded moments of downtime, ensuring the listener is constantly engaged and intriuged. Be sure to check out SR.GENT and connect with him on Instagram, @SRGENT100.

Out on 24th February 2022!

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