Morningblind - The Weight of the World

Barcelona based band "Morningblind" release an 11 track album - "The Weight of the World"

The opening track is the focus track, "The Weight of the World"

The majority of tracks that are 5 minutes long, lose their interesting elements eventually, but in this track, that couldn't be any further from the truth! It constantly evolves and changes throughout, with new styles being implemented all the time, ensuring the listener is always intrigued and being immersed in the unique experience.
The cinematic, arabic feel that radiates throughout is truly one of a kind.

The 2nd track is "Sunflowering"

Beginning with the introduction of soft guitar and a tranquil soundscape, this chilled, emotional track draws you in right from the get-go. It takes influences from such a wide variety of genres, it's almost like Morningblind have created their own new genre! It doesn't dynamically change too much, yet the percussion and stunning vocal performance make for a well rounded, folk touched track.

Next is "For the Morning"

The complex fingerstyle acoustic guitar, and the quiet, yet integral percussion all work together perfectly, creating what feels like a song from a medieval movie. Nothing overwhelms the instrumentation too much, making for an easy listening, intimate experience.

The 4th track is titled "Went Solo"

Classical inspired guitar and the non standard tunings make for a truly eerie, evocative song.
Touching and melancholic vocals take the spotlight with her mesmerising, blossoming tones.
You'll find yourself indulged, with your eyes closed, whilst enlisting on this incredible adventure portrayed in beautiful music.

It leads into "Raven's Wing" 

The story narrative featured in this track, showcases the lyrical genius word play, and proves how much meaning and time has been put into the creation of this track and the rest of the LP. The slight modern twist with alt-rock electric guitar towards the end hints at a dramatic, theatrical mood, fit for plays today. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Morningblind's music becoming extremely in the film world.

6. - "The Caller"

Elements of Gregorian chants and Björk with the aforementioned slight modern twist truly brings a mellow, haunting, pictorial vibe to the album. The enchanting sounds and ancient effects, everything is almost a gentle lullaby with how soft it is, down the taps on the drums and laid-back guitar. 

The 7th song is titled "Black Sheep"

The vocals in particular are an interesting thing to look at, with the lead vocals echoed, mirrored and complemented throughout by the same harmonic soft female vocalist. This serves to accentuate them, with them being the key part of the song to focus on. It does give a much bigger feel and adds in a sense of the song is more communal than individual. Even though this is the case, it still opens up with so much individual originality.

It ends with a fade, before "20 Years" softly opens.

It's truly a gentle, and wispy song, it's like the musical equivalent of a soft, warm blanket beings draped across one's shoulders. It has an experimental feel, and an impeccable tone that encapsulates the lyricism and the music's energy together.

9. - "Cars & Trains"

A delicate, soothing, and relatively fast paced tempo is displayed in this song, making it both wistful and playfully sweet. The synthwave introduced brings a new vibe to the album, as it eventually starts coming to a close. It's a great juxtaposition between that toe tapping beat and the achingly sensitive americana styles.

The 2nd to last track is "Odyssey"

The production is truly aweinspiring, every moment works together seamlessly to create the final masterpiece, the cresending instrumentation and floaty vocals, with slight stunning harmonies feels adventurous and delicate. It'll leave you reaching for a box of tissues, that's for sure!

The finale is "Winter Dance"

The bewitching vocal control in this distinctive track is truly incredible, as always, yet lets not ignore the spacious delay and reverb effects on the tranquil electric guitar introduction that work to uphold the cinematic nature mentioned beforehand. It's enhancing, lively, and just breathtaking. It's refreshing and pristine to listen to, especially in a world drowned out with pop.

Check "The Weight of the World" out below!

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