Angelcreatives - Hello Anthem


Wellness music creatives "Angelcreatives" release "Hello Anthem"

This new aweinspiring track, inspired by Adele's "Hello" , purpose is to bring a message of wellness and catchy greetings to the world.

A swirling, whirling, crushing collision of electronic pop balladry, and full throttle afrobeat influences in the percussion.  Funky, Hawaiian glockenspiel inspired instrumentation radiates throughout the background whilst the catchy, smooth vocals accompany the upbeat music as the it embarks on a journey through a myriad of influences to a destination that could easily fit onto the charts.

Every little aspect seems to shine through, from modern synth sounds, to the upbeat, strong percussion fading into the background. There’s a great use of the sound spectrum in that there’s the two extremes of the low instrumentation and the highs of the smooth vocals. Little of the music's components sit in between the two, and nothing get's too overwhelming or overpowering - giving a very distinct, clear, fun, "Pop" sound. 

The first-class production allows all elements to be projected to the listeners ears, and ensures the track is engaging, and intriguing. No matter what your favourite genre is, you'll be sure to enjoy this meaningful track!

Check it out for yourself, below!

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