The Jode Gannon Band - Love Don't Bring Me Down


London based Australian 2 piece band The Jode Gannon Band release a brand new single titled, "Love Don't Bring Me Down"

Previously we have reviewed "Sunken Ships"

Opening with the melancholy of relative simplicity, brought to the shores by the introduction that only encompasses easy-listening, laid-back acoustic guitar with clean tone electric guitar adding a little depth and range to this unique soundscape.

As the song gently progresses, new elements are introduced, with soft piano keys and string instrumentation coming in closely with the smooth, elegant vocal performance. 

It's a very strong single, with nothing that makes it feel out of place at all, the structure is incredibly well thought out, around half way through the nearly 5 minute track, complex percussion is brought in, and the chords turn to fingerstyle, in a lull in the intensity that only lasts a few moments.

After this short, yet lullaby like break, the song bursts with energy and continues to cresend with a live-feel, soft rock nature, before it slowly comes to an end with an outro, reminiscent of the catchy chorus that forces you to sway along to it's infectious sound.

Be sure to check the track out for yourself below.

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