Anu - In this heart


ANU releases 5 track "In this heart"

The opening track is titled "Windswept", from the very moment the soundscape opens, you're taken aback by the almost overwhelming sense of melancholy. It's an incredibly calm, relaxing, track. Primarily piano based, it's easy to listen to, and fulfilled by the complexity of the slightly reverbed vocal performance.

The 2nd track is titled "The Path", this is the type of track you listen to when you feel like crying, and if not, it'll make you feel like crying. It's so incredibly emotional and atmospheric, the listener is definitely constantly immersed and engaged in the simplistic, yet loving nature that is emitted by this wonderful track.

The next track, is titled "In this heart", the string instrumentation that enters the EP in this track, drastically changes the entire mood... It still has the calming feel, yet a very motivating, and body-swaying vibe is radiated by the depthful range of instrumentation. It's awe-inspiringly cinematic.

The 2nd to last track is titled "Death Lullaby", at 3 minutes long, it's a shorter track compared to the rest of the EP, however this doesn't take anything away from it. It's still a very integral part of the EP's structure, and is completely fulfilling and beautiful. 

The finale, is titled "Forever", the lyrics are truly the highlight of this gorgeous song. It's motivational and inspiring. It's lengthy, but you never get tired of it, it bursts with so much positive energy at every single moment. Towards the 2nd half of the track, the track begins to unfold, and twist in ways you definitely did not originally expect. Electronic synths radiate in the background, before a trance like feel engages you. Could this be an insight into what ANU is to bring in the future? 

Check it out for yourself below.

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