Timmy Jay - From The Start


From the first melody on the nostalgic Rhodes piano, to the almost defiant sounding declaration at the end, Timmy Jay’s debut single makes it abundantly clear that he’s got one thing on his mind…”unmistakable, undeniable, love.” His voice has such an authentic sweetness that one might easily be convinced that he truly believes in the type of love at first sight, forever love he sings about, and it’s quite possible listeners will find themselves feeling at least a little less jaded about the idea of finding real love, if not altogether optimistic. Yes, From The Start is a love song as sweet as the idea of love itself.

Seemingly without trying too hard, Timmy Jay delivers a soft, casual vocal performance that, at times, sounds transparently insecure, and whether that’s intentional or not, it works well here and lends a credibility to his message that might otherwise feel lacking. While the song doesn’t require powerhouse vocal abilities, and he clearly doesn’t give the impression that he’s trying to be that type of vocalist here, there’s a subtle quality to his voice that suggests there just might be something more there than meets the eye…or ear.

Combining sugary vocals and elements of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Pop, and even a little Hip-Hop, From The Start is a kaleidoscopic musical journey with some unusual twists and turns along the way, but ending just as it started, with beautiful simplicity.

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