Heathensun - Monster


US based "HEATHENSUN" release "Monster"

Taking inspiration from numetal, by blending elements from other musical genres, and conjuring it up with heavy metal, this up and coming band have truly created a track that bursts with originality, creativity and so much uniqueness, in every single way possible. I'm pretty certain it's unlike anything you will have ever heard before, there's electric elements contrasting to the heavy guitar - hearing that you don't think it would work, but it does!

This aweinspiring track opens with an almost hiphop-like vibe, but as it continues to progress, the song unfolds and twists in ways you won't have originally expected. It's very nostalgic to hear numetal style music in 2021, Heathensun definitely have the potential to bring this incredible style of music to the forefront of the charts once again!

Although the track is only 3 minutes and a half long, it manages to pack a punch, by overwhelming and fulfilling all over the listeners senses, with it's action packed, elemental soundscape. The song is also very well structured, you can only imagine how much time and effort has been taken by the band to ensure there's no moments of downtime, so the listener is constantly immersed and intrigued by this listening experience.

The song is accompanied by a fitting music video, check it out below!

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