Amartya Paul - Christmas Tree


"Christmas Tree is a song Amartya composed at age 9. He composed it out of the love he has for the beauty of Christmas and the wonderful sentiment of the season. The song was sung by Viktoria Sunshine and orchestrated by Deborah Offenhauser."

First of all, I'd like to say how amazed I am by Amartya Paul, this incredible 11 year old musical composer is truly a prodigy, I'm in awe at how talented this young man is. After having a listen to a wide variety of his music, it's obvious to me that he is destined for success in the very near future.

"Christmas Tree"

It's only a short, yet sweet christmas ballad, at just shy of 2 minutes long, but it's an aweinspiring, uplifting, and fulfilling track, It overwhelms each and every one of your senses with fun Christmas spirit vibes, which I'm sure is it's intention.

The cinematic, pictorial nature makes the track feel like something straight from a Home Alone cutscene. Calming, tranquil harmonies in the stunning vocal performance truly blow you away, and immerse the listener in this unique, sparkling listening experience.

The production of the track is genuinely top-class, mixing and mastering, elements radiate throughout, from left to right, constantly twisting and unfolding, making sure the listener never loses interest. If I could give any criticism to the track, it would simply be asking for it to be longer.

Be sure to check it out for yourself below, and get yourself in the Christmas spirit now!

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