Nocturnal Omissions - Tempus Destinatum


US based artist "Nocturnal Omissions" (the brainchild of Vallen Daniels) release a brand new 45 minute album titled "Tempus Destinatum"

From the very moment the album opens, with the unique, ethereal song, "Unfamiliar Places", the listener is immediately engaged, and immersed in this listening experience, thanks to the complex instrumentation that radiates throughout the soundscape. 

In the first section of the album, there's an incredibly wide range of influences from many genres, from world music, trap, traditional, and electronic styles. This truly showcases how Nocturnal Omissions is a natural creative, and how he loves to experiment with many musical styles, whilst managing to maintain a structured feel.

These instrumental tracks vary from one the the next, none of them sound the same, and all of them sound "one-of-a-kind", and all carry their own special characteristics. For example, in the track "Endless Queues" fast paced, evolving percussion takes the center stage, with a synth wave atmosphere fulfilling the sound, where as in the track that comes afterwards, "Entry Scanner", it seems to take a more summer vibe, upbeat, dance nature, with hints of EDM being presented in certain sections. 

As the album progresses, the listener's eyes, (and ears haha!) are opened wider, as it continues to evolve, twist, and ultimately unfold in ways you will definitely not have originally expected. The first class, clinical production of each track truly completes them, and makes the album feel "established", and refreshing to hear. Elements bounce from left to right, top to bottom, and all work together to conjure up a well rounded masterpiece.

Two of the lengthiest tracks, "Parasitic Infection", and "Cabin Pressure" both exceed 5 minutes play time, which is quite long in comparison to your typical pop song. Although they are long, Nocturnal Omissions has done an excellent job at ensuring the listener will never lose interest. Neither of the tracks give any unneeded or unwanted moments of downtime, and they constantly express suspense to ensure the longevity is still enthralling. 

When listening to the album, you will be sure to notice how the track names are structured an in order, to favour the unique name "Tempus Destinatum" (destination time in Latin). It all adds to the cinematic, pictorial complexity that gives the album that mysterious lull that forces you to listen from the beginning to end. Endless Queues, Entry Scanner, Safety Demonstration, Cabin Pressure, all the way to Rough Landing and Baggage claim. With a few confusing, eerie, yet engaging names in between, such as the aforementioned track, Parasitic Infection. Each track favours the name of the individual songs in the music, and each track conjure up the sense of the album title.

As the album begins to come to a close, the tracks "Approaching Descent" and "Rough Landing", enter, and juxtapose with each other.. Approaching Descent has a more upbeat, and anticipating, vibe.. whereas Rough Landing immediately hits you with that deep, suspenseful, vibe as the name would suggest. The finale, "Baggage Claim" , feels like a much needed break from all the loom and gloom, and fright you were expecting with Rough Landing. It finally suggests that you have been taken to your destination, on time! 

The amount of time that has been taken to structure this incredible pictorial album truly deserves recognition and applause! It is clear that Vallen is passionate about the music he creates!

Check it out below!

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