Fresh Linen - Inhale


"Fresh Linen" release 8 track album, - "A Breath of Fresh Air"

This spoken word style is performed in such an incredible way, Fresh Linen uses his talent not for fame, or money, but, to give us an insightful, meaningful message. The opener,"Inhale" is a cinematic, pictorial, "real" feel. You feel as if you are there in the room, with the 2 people having a conversation about challenges people of colour face in a real word situation. There's some short sections of music that seamlessly add depth and range to the soundscape, ensuring the listener never loses interest and just simply fulfills the track.

The 2nd track, (#WhoAmIChallenge) is truly like an awe-inspiring speech. The genius wordplay features a very wide variety of language techniques. "I am black man, the fetish, and the fear". It makes you realise what POC have to sadly go through in normal day life. It's spoken with real confidence, letting the listener hear what many people want to say, but are not able to do it themselves. I guess it feels, refreshing and as mentioned earlier, it's genuinely insightful. Something as simple as a 3 minute poem could change someones mindset and life.

This same complex nature is carried out throughout the tracks that follow.. reverb and slight echo effects make it feel live, and immersive. Tranquil, emotional piano radiates around the background, and encourages you to close your eyes, and actually take in what is being said about military life as a black man, knowing the history of the flag and what it has meant to them throughout time. The track "Mama Bear" is a wonderful, teary eyed story about the hardships and life of a mother. It showcases humbleness, and true respect and understanding. 

The inspirations from hiphop storytellers such as Kendrick Lamar and J Cole are prominent, however Fresh Linen does an incredible job at filing uniqueness, creativity, individuality and originality to the table, all the tracks are unlike anything you will have ever heard before, which makes it ever so special for you to hear for the first time. The compelling messages can make people feel understood, and some people like they now understand, or want to learn more. I honestly didn't realise how this type of non mainstream music can really affect the listener and fulfil their senses. 

The amount of time taken to structure the wordplay in the track "Hyperventilate" clearly shows how much the artist cares about what he writes, and as said before, he obviously doesn't do this for fame, he does this because he is full of integrity.

Be sure to check out the full album below!
You'll thoroughly love it, that's for sure.

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