Tony Evans X - Gradual


Tony Evans X releases "Gradual"

This incredible new track releases tomorrow, 09/24 on all streaming platforms, so be sure to presave it here!

As soon as the suspenseful, cresending introduction opens the soundscape, the listener will immediately be intrigued, and engaged, with the atmospheric electronic beats and reverbful narrative vocals.
The beginning is actually "Gradual" and ensures the listener is ready and waiting for the main section of the track to start.

As the track progresses, the intensity increases and new elements are introduced, making the song feel more action packed, upbeat and modern! It definitely feels like the type of track to be able to easily climb to the top of the charts, it fits all the criteria, especially in the current music scene - It's easy to listen to, it's modern, funky and pop inspired, and it's production is clinical and first-class.

Towards the end of the 3 and a half minute track, the electronic melodies come to a fading close, bringing a mellowness to your ears, and leaves the listener feeling refreshed, and also energised!

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and on Spotify below!

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