Rakuda set to release brand new EP

Rakuda are set to release a brand new EP, featuring their two singles, Brighter Than Day and Free on the 29th of this month!

                                                     The first track is: Brighter than day

This upbeat track begins with the heavy introduction of powerful distorted electric guitars, and fast paced, complex percussion that ensures the seamless flow of this truly fulfilling track. Towards the end, a dramatic lull in the intensity leads you into the next track, 

"Atomic Woman"

Bringing a few modern twists to the soundscape, with muffled percussion and other unique elements, this track bursts with a feel of experimentalism and creativity right from the moment it enters. It never gives any moments of downtime, it constantly keeps you tapping your feet and engaged with the clever wordplay.

The 3rd track is titled "Where Do I Go?"

The distinct classic 60/70's rock feel is truly refreshing in a world currently drowned out with modern pop and tiktok famous tracks. It builds in multiple cresendos, drops to tranquility and has a real sense of structure, whilst still maintaining the live, rawness that gives the track so much charm.

The finale is titled "Free"

We've previously featured "Free", it holds the same rock feel that Rakuda are so great at, whilst featuring an acoustic guitar base, bringing a more easy listening vibe at certain points. A powerful solo radiates towards the end of the track, before the acoustic guitar brings it to a fade. It seems to take inspiration from Coldplay, but brings heavier styles of instrumentation to the soundscape.

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