Golden Way - Heard It All


Milwaukee born, Atlanta based artist "Golden Way" is releasing a brand new track "Heard It All" on August 27!

This R&B/Soul inspired track, truly brings a modern twist to those soundscapes, with fast paced, electronic instrumentation keeping the well thought out structure in place, ensuring Golden Way's mellow, yet still powerful, layered vocals can truly be showcased in such an awe-inspiring way.

The slight reverb and echo that radiates on many elements featured in the beat adds a spacious, airy vibe, making the track feel chilled, and easy to listen to. It's atmospheric and creates a cinematic narrative with the clever word play and lightbulb lyrics.

It's one of those unique songs that will instantly boost your mood and get those endorphins flowing, whatever interpretation, it’ll leave you in the mood. It could easily find its way dancing to the top of the charts, with the unfolding and ever evolving music, that constantly intrigues.

The soft end, and the lull in the intensity truly leaves you urging to hear more from the incredibly talented, up and coming Golden Way.

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