Dejhare - Plead The Fifth


California based "Dejhare" releases "Plead The Fifth" 

The 5 track EP begins with "Take Five" 

Bringing you on a unique experience, this electronic inspired song really intrigues any listener with the melodic tones and clean vocals. The edm inspired backing cresends and evolves constantly, bringing new styles and elements to the soundscape all the time, ensuring it doesn't give any moments of downtime.

The 2nd track is "Skeletons" 

Leading on perfectly from the introduction track, the transition between the two is truly seamless. The production is incredibly clear and pristine, each element plays an integral part in creating the final piece that is "Skeletons" 


Opening with a soft piano introduction, your original expectations of this track will change, and you'll be lead into it assuming to hear a classical, tranquil song, until the backing beat unfolds and twists, introducing a catchy melody and synthesised upbeat vocals.

"Not Alone" 

'Not Alone' is the most action packed songs of the entire EP, with the well thought out structure playing a big role in ensuring the track is fulfilling and 'complete'. It ends with a slow, retro fade, before leading into the finale track.

"Plead The Fifth" 

Bringing a close to this funky 20 minute album, this song is definitely destined to be soon found in raves and dance parties throughout the world, it's catchy nature is bound to become popular and hopefully bring this type of music back to the forefront of the charts. 

Check it out below!

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