Dan Cody - I Wanna Know


Rhode Island based solo singer/songwriter "Dan Cody" releases "I Wanna Know"

This acoustic ballad begins with a perfect example of complexity and creativity with the ever changing chord progression and subdued, upbeat drum beats.

A single that builds with each section, what makes ‘I Wanna Know’ stand out is how it comes across as truly free-spirited. Armed with a loose production and arrangement that brings a slowpaced acoustic/country mix vibe to the whole attire.

The track arguably may be slightly outdated musically but it still will hit firmly on your heartstrings. Changing perspective, this track feels SO refreshing compared to the watered-down pop world. A sort of guiding light within the hazy production of mainstream music, this single is a delicate acoustic number with folk elements radiating throughout it.

Occasional harmonies add depth to the structure, before funky electronic guitar takes centre stage, the end is calming and tranquil, leaving you excited to hear what's to come on Dan Cody's upcoming EP!

It's clearly inspired by bands such as the legendary Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, with effortless production and genius word play.

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