Sarah Rae - Poison Ivy

Driven by a plethora of sounds combining dream pop, shoegaze, and pop punk to create soulful music, Atlanta based Indie artist "Sarah Rae" releases a new track titled "Poison Ivy".

With a clear appreciation for the genres, "Poison Ivy" truly hits the mark. In fact, it definitely wouldn't be out of place on rotation on BBC Radio 1. It feels like an experimental new approach to calming, tranquil modern music, it's a reinvention of genres.

There's a real talent to this young artist, -  in the poetic, echoey lyricism, and in the anthemic, cresending upbeat sound perfectly mixed with a tranquil soundscape.

There's a hazy element to the vocals as they float throughout the track. Dreamlike in sound, the song paints a picture of a warm summer in the city suburbs outside the window contrasting with an ambient, and elegant sense of melancholia.

The track is spacious, by spacious I mean.. you can stick this track on a speaker at one end of a big hall and still be moved from it's impactful production. Authentic and using layers of lo-fi elements with the track, 'Daydreams' is the perfect title to this ethereal production.

Glistening with colour out of every crack, the lo-fi sound emits a refreshing, hazy vibe.

Check "Poison Ivy' out here

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