Mauri Dark - Love Will Prevail

Mauri Darks track "Love will prevail" is a beautiful ambient acoustic ballad.

The Lyrics are full of important meaning, 

"In between love and hate
I patiently wait
For the dark clouds to drift away
For bitterness to stop its raining" 

The half acoustic, half soft electric guitar sounds are very elemental and calming.  The chorus is very alluring and catchy.
The meaning behind the song is very valuable and prominent. 

"Love will prevail
And the violence will fade"

"Love will prevail
Over fortune and fame"

"Remember that we were all born to be loved"

This track is absolutely aweinspiring and deserves much recognition for the exquisite quality and style of songwriting. 

The vocals change from gorgeous singing to an ataractic soothing speech like tone. The tranquilizing nature of the song is capable of putting you to sleep and depressing your psychological activity. 

Listen to Mauri Dark's song "Love will prevail" here

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