A Circle Of Faith - 20 & 5

"A Circle Of Faith" are set to release their new meaningful album titled "20 & 5"

The first thing that caught my attention whilst listening to this 14 track album, are the narrative interludes, such as the introduction, 1000 years = 1 Day, and "God So Loved The World."

These ambient sections include quotes from the holy bible which will be sure to inspire you and move to closer to God.

Moving on to the musical aspect of the album, it features a very diverse range of different music styles and genres.

In "His Love Is Real" (a cappella) it features soulful, powerful, stunning harmonic vocals and beautiful melodies. This contrasts directly to the more hiphop/rap and rhythmic track at the beginning of the album; "Walk with Me Now". 

One of my personal favourite songs on this album has to be "My Lord And King" which includes absolutely incredible powerful vocals and an ambient, calming backing piano and violin accompaniment. The lyrics are incredibly meaningful and help teach us about the gospel, in a way of speaking to the Lord in the first person. 

"His Love Is Real" (band mix) is an upbeat song that does a great job at introducing the album to the listener. It features a complex drum beat, a simple but prominent electric guitar backing and of course the amazing vocals which are present throughout the whole album.

This beautiful album is definitely worth checking out! 

All of "A Circle Of Faith"'s music is available for free download at their main website https://acofmusic.com
And also at their reverbnation profile here

It will also be available on all major online platforms next month!

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