Winchester 7 and the Runners - Argos Holiday

Winchester 7 and the Runners release their album "Argos Holiday"

One of the first tracks that really caught my attention was "The Golden Age"
This song starts with a cresending fuzzy electric guitar introduction that leads into the quiet but powerful halfharmonic vocals, the drums are simple but do the job of keeping the song in track.
The electric guitar and bass work well together and the vocals remind me of very early pre2005 Arctic Monkeys songs.

"When The World stops Spinning" feels like a Reytons track, also including the fuzzy rock sounds of "The golden age". This song has a more catchy and early rock style than the majority of the songs, the instrumental sections are incredible and action packed. Some of the guitar riffs in "When The World stops Spinning" have a strong 1980s rock vibe. 

One of the softer tracks "In the Morning Light" features some unique chord progressions and harmonies, although this song eventually gets a little heavier it's still a relatively soft song. The ending of track is very sudden, I think this could have been improved with a fading leading outro. 

The song which is the best on the album to my taste is "Gonna Start Right Now"
This also features the fuzzy sounds of the rest of the album and the iconic sounding electric guitar riffs, but the vocals are different to the majority of the songs, with the long held low notes and what sounds like extra reverb in certain sections, the lyrics are rhythmic and catchy.

Winchester 7 and the Runners have done a good job on this album, there is certain aspects that could be improved but overall the album is a great showcase of what the band can do and have the potential of reaching in the future. If you're into classic 1980s rock you should definitely take a listen to this album.

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