Lazarus Benson - Like You


Wyoming based musician "Lazarus Benson" releases "Like You"

Bringing a unique, modern twist to a wide variety of genres, from Metal and rock, to rap, this track truly showcases Lazarus' creativity and originality as an artist. It's on the shorter side, however the action packed soundscape never fails to intrigue and engage the listener fully.

The cinematic electric guitar and deep, fulfilling percussion add so much depth to the song, you're forced to sway alongside the infectious sound, and tap your feet to the beat. Its unlike anything you've heard before, it's one-of-a-kind, and somewhat refreshing to hear in the current "pop" music scene.
The track brings you on an adventure, an immersive, pictorial experience, it's couldn't be any further from just 'another song'.

The meaningful lyrics, clever wordplay, and off-the-tongue performance showcases raw, live talent, it leaves you urging to hear more from this up & coming artist.

Be sure to check "Like You" out below!

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